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BNI Gold Club Members

Visitors are the lifeblood of BNI at every level. They are more than just potential members. They bring a whole new sphere of contacts, introductions and of course, referrals. Visitors ensure the dynamics of your chapter meetings are constantly changing, so no two meetings are ever the same.

Members who consistently bring quality visitors to your chapter are extremely valuable members indeed and we want to recognise them, which is why we set up BNI Gold Club.

BNI Gold Club recognises those members who go out of their way to help their chapter by introducing 6+ visitors who subsequently become members. Their efforts are formally acknowledged at chapter, regional and national level and rewarded with the prestigious black name badge instead of the normal grey one. They also receive additional listing and enhanced profile on the BNI national website (see below).

There are currently over 220 members in the UK and Ireland.